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“Harrison’s provides top quality solar thermal, radiant heating, forced air heating and air conditioning services”.

Harrison’s Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing heating, air conditioning and solar installation in Atherton for over 20 years.

Harrison’s takes pride in their expertise and experience in energy planning for your Atherton home. Whether optimizing the use of a traditional heating system or installing a solar heating solution for your home, Harrison’s has the qualifications you are looking for to make your Atherton home more energy efficient.

Learn how to Reduce High Winter Gas Bills from PG&E.

Take advantage of Harrison’s unique Energy Efficiency Consulting Services. We will calculate how much heat your Atherton home is losing during the winter and how much heat it’s gaining during the summer. We then design a system that will compensate for these temperature changes by delivering the appropriate amount of heating or cooling to each room in your home.

Thinking of installing solar in your Atherton home?

The California Solar Rebate Program provides incentives for PG&E customers who are installing solar in their homes and businesses.

You can also learn more about solar water heating from
The California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE).

In addition to the California incentive, you may be eligible for a federal renewable energy tax credit. An individual can take a 30% credit for a qualifying solar water heating system.

Another great resource for your Solar Heating project in San Mateo County is the San Mateo County Solar Organization.

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